De-Prescribing Program

De-Prescribing Program

Are you on several medications but still not feeling your best?

Do you know if your medications are actually making you sicker?


Often, medications are inappropriately prescribed or are used long term when their intended use is short term only. Several medications have side effects that can greatly affect an individual’s quality of life.

Our team  at NutriChem have isolated a group of high risk drugs that meet these criteria. These offenders include: 

  1. PPIs (proton-pump inhibitors)
  2. Benzodiazepines
  3. Anti-psychotics
  4. Narcotics
  5. Anti-hypertensives (in seniors)  

If you have concerns about taking one or more of the above medications, please contact us today. We have an intensive de-prescribing program that aims to help you feel your best.

Here's what we mean by "de-prescribing"

One of our clinicians will thoroughly examine your current medication regime, including any supplements. From there, they will create a detailed plan to for you to follow. They will work closely with your physician(s) to help explore safer alternatives to help you achieve optimal health.

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