WEBINAR: Mapping Your Microbiome with Adam Livingston

WEBINAR: Mapping Your Microbiome with Adam Livingston

In our upcoming webinar, map out the microbiome and it's various healthy bacteria and fibres that grow them. Hosted by Adam Livingston, PharmD, he will talk about the good ways to improve your microbiome health and how it's associated with many seemingly unassociated diseases. 

As a Pharmacist, Adam definitely takes a more biochemical approach than just nutritional, but this webinar will also talk about nutritional treatments since they're so essential!  Other topics that are associated and will be discussed are how to improve adrenal health. A bit of everything for everyone! 


The top things you'll take out of this webinar: 

  • A clear definition of the microbiome and research on its importance in many diseases.
  • An outline of the microorganisms in a healthy microbiome vs. an unhealthy microbiome.
  • Protocols to improve the microbiome using diet, probiotics, prebiotics (fibres), and lifestyle (stress reduction, exercise, etc.)