About MSB

The History of MSB

Kent MacLeod, R.Ph. B.Sc.Phm., founded NutriChem (formerly Nutri-Chem Pharmacy) in 1981. Two years later, at the request of several patients, Kent developed the first version of a nutritional supplement for Trisomy 21 known as MSB.

For a more detailed history of MSB, follow this link to receive a free copy of Kent MacLeod’s book: Down Syndrome and Vitamin Therapy: Unlocking the Secrets of Health, Behaviour and Intelligence.

Research-Driven Reformulations

MSB was specifically designed to support the nutritional needs of individuals with Down syndrome, and will continue to do exactly that. Research in Trisomy 21 is continuously evolving and so does the MSB formula. We are currently on our 9th formulation of MSB. The most recent version, MSB Neuro Plus 5th Generation was upgraded according to the latest research with special emphasis on microbiome health and cognitive function.

Why Customize?

One size does not fit all!

NutriChem specializes in personalized health solutions; most clients with Down syndrome benefit from having a customized vitamin and mineral formula.

This is achieved through extensive blood work, urine analysis and a comprehensive consult with a NutriChem clinician. Click on the following link for more information on our Body Chemistry Balancing (BCB) Test and on how to get started with customizing your formula for any nutritional issues.

To learn more about the Body Chemistry Balancing Test process, watch this short video.

To see the process of making custom formulas, watch this short video.

Click here to learn more about NutriChem’s Clinicians.

Good Manufacturing Practices and Health Canada Regulations

NutriChem products and custom formulations, including MSB, are manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices standards in our licensed Health Canada Site facility.

  • Canadian regulations for manufacturing health supplements are among the most stringent in the world.
  • Read more about Health Canada Site Licensed facilities

As with all of NutriChem’s products, all of the ingredients in MSB are high quality pharmaceutical grade, meeting or exceeding all U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) Reference Standards.

  • Only pharmaceutical grade ingredients from qualified suppliers are used.
  • Each ingredient has a Certificate of Analysis to demonstrate purity and quality.

We follow proper safety procedures at all times.

  • Technicians wear masks, gloves and hairnets to minimize contamination.
  • Internal air contamination from powdered medication is controlled with fume hoods, HEPA filters and extensive ventilation to protect employees and customers.
  • Standard Operating Procedures are followed.
  • Logbooks are completed daily to accurately and confidently trace raw materials and lot numbers in the event of a recall.

3rd Party Testing

Once manufactured, all NutriChem products, including MSB, go through extensive quality and safety testing at a 3rd party, independent facility. This includes microbial and heavy metal testing.

MSB Neuro Plus 5th Generation Ingredient Highlights

Some of the high quality ingredients in our most current version of MSB, called MSB Neuro Plus 5th Generation include:

  • Benfotiamine, or lipid-soluble Vitamin B1 for superior absorption.
  • Pyrodoxal-5-phosphate or P5P – an activated, better-absorbed form of Vitamin B6
  • N-acetyl-cysteine – a more stable form of the amino acid cysteine
  • Selenomethionine – bioavailable selenium
  • Resveratrol – a potent plant polyphenol and antioxidant shown to be neuroprotective against Alzheimer’s
  • Curcumin – as an anti-inflammatory and to improve cognition and mood
  • Monk fruit extract – used as a natural sweetener with no impact on blood sugar

The Zinc – Copper Connection

It is well established that there is an important balance between zinc and copper in the body. For this reason, Health Canada suggests that any supplement that contains zinc should also contain copper.

If a customer wants a copper-free MSB formulation, NutriChem offers a compounded version without it which is subject to a custom compounding fee (contact us for details). See the heading above, “Why Customize?” to learn more about customized MSB formulas.

How Do I Get More Information?

NutriChem is very transparent with who we are and with our quality and safety.

If you would like more information about MSB, about our other products, or about NutriChem as a company, here are some options:

On our website, you can download our free E-Book about the new MSB Neuro Plus 5th Generation.

We have a private Facebook Group called the “NutriChem Down Syndrome Discussion Group.” It is meant to provide help, answer questions, and provide support for parents with children (young or adult) with Trisomy 21.

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Throughout our 35+ years in business, NutriChem has solidified its reputation as a leader in innovative personalized health care solutions. We have always encouraged anyone with questions or concerns to contact us directly.

We are available via email at info@nutrichem.com, or toll free at 1-888-384-7855