Gift Card & Online Loyalty Program FAQ

Q: How do I sign up for the new online loyalty program?


A: To take advantage of our online loyalty program, simply create an account with our online store and you are automatically enrolled in the loyalty program.


If you have an existing account with our online store, you are already automatically enrolled in the online loyalty program.


Q: How does the new Online Loyalty Program work/How do I earn rewards?


A: For every purchase made in our online store, you automatically earn 1% cash back in the form of store credit onto your virtual loyalty card.  


This store credit can only be redeemed through our online store and is completely independent from our in-store loyalty program.


Please note: clinic services and prescription medication are exempt from earning any loyalty rewards, and online loyalty credits cannot be redeemed on prescription medication or clinic services.


Q: Are there other ways to earn online loyalty store credit?


A:  Yes, you can earn online store credit in three ways:


  • Every purchase made in our online store earns you 1% cashback in the form of store credit.


  • First-time customers who make an account get $10.00 cashback after their first order.


  • You can also earn store credit by referring a friend to our online store. To refer a friend, log on to your account, copy the referral code associated with your account, and send it to them. When they make their first purchase using your referral link, you get $5.00 store credit, and they get $10.00 off their initial order. You earn a $5.00 reward for every successful referral that you make!


  • Keep an eye out for any future promotions and other ways to earn by signing up for our e-newsletter!


Q: Do my online loyalty credits have an expiry date?


A: The loyalty store credit does not expire.


Q: How do I redeem my online loyalty store credit/How do I check my online store credit balance?


A: You have a virtual loyalty card code associated with your account that you can apply at the checkout to redeem on future purchases.  You can redeem your credits in one of three ways:       

Access via your account page:

Step 1: Log in to your account

Step 2:  click on the “store credit” button to view your available credit.

Step 3: Copy the loyalty card code

Step 4: Paste the code into the coupon code section of the checkout page.

OR, you can use the rewards widget:

Step 1: Click on Rewards in the bottom corner of your browser to allow the widget to pop up in your screen
Step 2: Copy the code found on the top of the rewards widget
Step 3: Paste the code into the coupon code section of the checkout page.

OR, you can simply use the "Apply store credit" button on the cart page!

Q: Can I use my store credit in addition to a coupon/discount code?

A: Yes! Since your store credit functions as a "virtual gift card" rather than a coupon, you can apply both store credit and a coupon code to your online order.

Q: What about my in-store loyalty points? Are these programs the same?


A: The Online Loyalty Program is completely independent of our In-Store Loyalty Point Program, but the rewards payoff is the same.


Our online loyalty program gives the same percentage of rewards as our in-store program, but in the form of store credit, based on the subtotal spent.


If you are currently a member of our in-store rewards program, you are still earning those reward points by shopping in-store – your account is not going anywhere! The new online loyalty program is a separate entity, exclusively for online orders, so you can keep both accounts, but the rewards will need to be redeemed in their own appropriate location.


Q: Can you sync my in-store points with my online credits?


A: We are unable to sync points between both programs. In other words, purchases made in our retail stores count towards your In-Store Loyalty Points, and online purchases count towards your Online Loyalty Credits.


If you will be exclusively shopping either online or in-store going forward, but have points/credits on both programs and would like them merged, we would be happy to do a one-time balance transfer for you. Please email or call us at 1-888-384-7855 to request this service.


Q: I have made purchases at your online store before, but never made a customer account. Will I receive rewards for my past purchases once I sign up?


A: Online loyalty rewards will only begin accumulating on purchases starting November 2, 2020. We are unable to retroactively give rewards for past purchases.




Q: Does NutriChem offer gift cards?


A: Yes, NutriChem offers both Online and In-Store gift cards. Online Gift cards must be redeemed through the online store, and physical in-store gift cards must be redeemed in either of our retail locations at 2599 Carling Avenue or 1185 St Laurent Blvd in Ottawa.


Q: What value can I put on a gift card?


A: It depends on what kind of gift card you purchase. In-store you can load any amount on to a physical gift card. Online gift cards are only available in $25.00, $50.00, $75.00, or $100.00 amounts.


Q: Do gift cards expire?


A: No they will never expire!


Q: Can I send my friend an e-gift card?


A: Yes you can! We have gift cards in our online store that you can email, instant message, or print out and gift to a friend. They receive a special code on their gift card that they can redeem by entering at the checkout page of our online store. Please note: even when the e-gift card is printed, it can only be redeemed via our online store, NOT in-store.


Q: Do I earn Loyalty points/credits on the purchase of a gift card?


A: No, the gift card itself does not qualify for loyalty points, however, the person who redeems the gift card will earn points when they spend it if they are loyalty members.


Q: What are the details of your November 2020 promotion on gift cards?


A: For the month of November 2020 we are offering double the points on your purchase when you buy a gift card valued at a minimum of $25.00. The double points will be earned on that transaction only, and the gift card cannot be used on that transaction. You can buy either an online gift card or a physical gift card to qualify for the double points; online gift cards will award double online loyalty credits, and physical gift cards will award double in-store loyalty points. This offer cannot be combined with other offers. The promotion is not valid on clinic services such as testing and consultations, or any pharmacy services such as rx prescriptions or custom vitamins.