Patient Successes

"I have had IBS for 20 years and over the past several years, I have noticed my symptoms worsening; I became more and more sensitive to particular foods. I basically 'put up' with these symptoms until I sought help from Kent Macleod and his team at Nutrichem. Kent and his staff are genuine, empathetic and truly care about each patient. He has enhanced my overall health and has referred me a fabulous member on his team, Laura Mierzwa, RHN & CNE. I was very comfortable with Laura from the beginning; she is attentive, friendly and very professional. After our initial meeting we discussed a 30 day low FODMAP diet. Since I started this diet, I have seen a dramatic improvement in my digestive health. The diet may feel a bit challenging in the beginning, but with proper food planning, it became quite easy and well worth it! My symptoms have been eradicated and I now feel far more confident going about my daily business. I’m now about to start reintroducing high FODMAPS foods to identify which foods I’m most sensitive to. I highly recommend this diet for those who have IBS and for those who have been recommended to give this a try".


"(NutriChem) has restored my energy within a month after struggling for over a year. I am excited to have her help going forward. Thank You!


"My experience with Laura (Mierzwa) at the NutriChem Clinic was bester than I expected. The result of her information has made a great improvement in my life. After changing just 7 ingredients in my daily lunch I noticed a difference within the first 24 hours. I have experienced digestive problems for over 40 years through the entire GI tract. I was unaware that some foods that can be beneficial to our health can also cause irritation, inflammation, excessive abdominal bloating and brain fog to the point where I had to limit my activities and decline invitations. I have no hesitation in recommending Laura. For many years I have seen a growing number of alternative practitioners. This one has been the most helpful.


"NutriChem has been phenomenal. The Clinician listens and takes the time to explain each detail. Her kindness and empathy makes me feel heard and cared for. She carefully monitors my hormone levels and makes adjustments when necessary. I am thankful that I found her.Laura is such a beautiful person. Very kind, proficient and always pleasant. Her reminders are appreciated. Thanks Laura"


"I have met with Grace for hormone therapy. She is very thorough in her approach. Every aspect of your health is being considered and nothing is left uncovered. She is very comprehensive and caring. I truly appreciate her service!"


"The Journey to Weight Loss program is well laid out and the recipes are amazing! I will continue to use them after the program. I would certainly recommend this program. Laura is very knowledgeable, she is always willing to assist and offer suggestions and recommendations. Thank you"


"I consider myself very lucky to have found [NutriChem]. She is very knowledgeable and personable and is skilled at individualizing a treatment plan just for me"

-Judy, Ottawa

"Laura was able to help me with my energy levels that I struggled with for months. I never knew that a lot of the issues I was having was from my intestinal issues. Her step by step guidelines helped not only my energy levels but over all quality of life. The great recipes were a huge plus!”

-Wishes to remain anonymous

"Julia made me feel so comfortable. She listened to my concerns and I left our conversation feeling hopeful and positive. Julia has such a positive attitude and made me feel like she cared for me to get better and cared about my health! I am hopeful for the rest of my journey with Julia!"

-Alexandra, Ottawa

"Julia is so incredible and knowledgeable in this field. She takes the time to listen to your needs and truly wants the best for her patients. She is so understanding and will answer your questions or concerns as soon as possible. She had provided me with a better understanding of my health and in just two months, with her help, I have more energy and feel amazing!"

-Wishes to remain anonymous

"My daughter consulted with [NutriChem] and we were quite impressed with her expertise and compassionate manner."

-Kathy, Ottawa

"I am very grateful to [NutriChem] and the Team at NutriChem for helping me to change my diet to a healthy and robust one. I would never have been done it without them!"

-Margaret, Kanata

"My family has truly benefited from the nutritional supplements that are custom made for our daughter by NutriChem. Betsy is now 22 and has been uncharacteristically healthy for a child with Down Syndrome - Thank you"

-Rich, North Carolina-

"The comprehensive testing revealed the root causes of lifelong issues. Significantly better physically in a short period of time. Worth the investment!"

-Kate, Ottawa

"Thanks to Kent for recommending the Whole 30 Nutrition. Feel great, very energetic…have not felt like that since 2005…no processed food, lots of veggies, meat, fruits…merci merci! The Bonus…lost a few pounds!"

-Ginette, Wakefield, QC

"When everything felt wrong, nothing felt more right than choosing NutriChem to help me get back on track. For a very long time … I was not myself. Depression and anxiety consumed every ounce of me. I truly felt like I was at a dead end, that is until I had the privilege of meeting [NutriChem Clinician]. [NutriChem Clinician] is in the simplest words put … my life saver. I owe all my happiness to her. In addition to depression, I also suffered with adult acne. Since starting my treatment with [NutriChem Clinician], not only did she save my life, but I have never felt better in my own skin."

- Janet, Ottawa

"Since visiting NutriChem and starting with my custom and protocol (with NutriChem) I feel much happier and can handle life's stress much easier. I have more energy, my chocolate cravings are nothing like they were. I have not had any symptoms of a cold whatsoever and I sleep much better. Coming to NutriChem was the best investment I have ever made. "

-Kim, Ottawa

"I am grateful for the supplements and the personally designed multi vitamin you have designed for me which I have been taking since November 19th (recommended supplements) and for my personally designed vitamins formula (custom formula).Things have improved greatly and I have just placed my second order for my vitamins formula"

-Jaques, Ottawa

"Since William has come to NutriChem, my oldest son has been following Williams supplement routine of fish oil and protein in the morning. Now, I have noticed a big difference in both their behaviours. They have both settled down around the house. I have noticed there are less hyper spells and William seems less anxious overall. I feel with the knowledge I have learned from NutriChem that my whole family is benefiting from this experience!"


"Great service! Feels like a team helping me. I'm feeling a bit better already and very confident I'll be 100%"


"I am blessed to know the works of Kent McLeod. In a matter of days, my mood felt good and I started to be more energetic, alert and concentrated. He has helped reverse my psychosis, and after 4 months, things are going better and better. I am utterly grateful to Nutrichem and expertise!"


"My cholesterol levels dropped 2 points in 3 months. WOW!"

-Jennifer, Ottawa

"I highly recommend NutriChem to anyone looking to reach optimum health. I'm on my way thanks to their talented staff."

-Stephanie, Ottawa

"NutriChem and all the staff are amazing. I feel so much better after taking my Custom Vitamin Formula! Thank-You!"

-Tanya, Ottawa

"After only one month of working with NutriChem, I feel like a new person - positive, content and more energetic."

-Elizabeth, Orleans

"When I told my doctor the results of my BCB test, in particular, the vitamin D aspect, that showed I was very "deficient", he said "I could have sent you for that test" - However he had never done so! Fortunately, I chose to do the BCB test on my own initiative at an important turning point in my life. It was the money I have spent that changed my life and picked-up on something very critical that could have made significant consequences if this deficiency had not been discovered."

-Karen, Ottawa

"After taking vitamins I am working 6 days a week, 11 hours per day. After hormone balancing with Dr. Patterson, I am enjoying life, and have noticed such a difference. I am very diligent to take vitamins and remember even when traveling."

-Richard, Ottawa

"We have reduced my prescription medications by half due to the compounded vitamins I'm now taking ... great work NutriChem"

-Mary Lou, Gatineau, QC

"Once I started with NutriChem I started feeling like a totally different person - so much better - feeling great!"

-Donna, Messiness QC

"I have found NutriChem's to be comprehensive in its approach to patient education, effective in prescribing a treatment plan and very east to speak to."

-Louise, Stittsville

"I am extremely pleased with the treatment plan NutriChem suggested and I am well on my way to feeling back to my old self. I highly recommend this alternative health care."


"Feet are getting better, stomach issues have improved. Less joint stiffness. Used to take anti-inflammatory medication around the clock now only once every 2nd week. Walking better and exercising is going better."


"After almost dying after taking an antidepressant, I've been on several antipsychotics that have created great damage to my functioning. 11 years have passed and I've been going from bad to worse. What has saved me is energetic Healing, food supplements and good nutrition. With starting the Nutrichem Nutritive Program I am feeling joyful finally, clearer of mind, focused and it has allowed me to diminish medication. It is a huge progress. I feel I have recuperated my brain. I am looking forward to complete the program to restore all other systems that have been disrupted by medication."


"NutriChem has been a life saver. My health and life has improved so much that I now enjoy life and look forward to each day. Everyone with health problems or emotional trouble should come and be balanced."

-Janet, Merrickville

"When I came to NutriChem I was in terrible shape. I couldn't focus, I was not happy and I hated myself. Now I feel happy and I am so glad I came to NutriChem. Thank you for giving me my life back"

-Peggy, Ottawa

"My NutriChem Clinician is a very caring woman. She takes the time and listens to the problems and gives you a great alternative approach."

-Rose, Ottawa

"For the past 5 years I have been a client at NutriChem. My health has improved immensely, with more energy, focus and vitality. The staff are very knowledgeable, helpful and caring"

-Jill, Ottawa

"Very simple words. First, I thank God for His Guidance in life. Second a friend that introduced me to Kent and third, I thank God again for Kent MacLeod. He made a change in my life and my health"

-Alex, Ottawa

"Everyone has been so wonderful at this clinic! I always enjoy coming and seeing the smiling faces and getting great service."

-Angelica, Ottawa

"Grace is amazing! Her seminar was very informative, professional, she is a great presenter."

-Margaret, Ottawa

"I am sleeping the best I've slept in at least 10 years. Thank you NutriChem!"


"With the help of the store and the clinic, my life has changed 100%. I am indeed grateful to be rescued by you all!"


"After Kent prescribed a regime for me, three months later I feel better than I have for 18 years."


"I have lost weight and am fixed completely. My stomach is perfect now, and I was able to come off Prozac"

-Anonymous, Louisiana

"Results have been outstanding and remarkable - off MEDS. "

-17 year old Female, Name Withheld

"I had lost hope that I would ever live a comfortable life…After years of Doctor visits, MRI’s and CAT Scans I was a little sceptical. To my great surprise Kent McLeod identified that I was deficient in many vitamins and minerals that are essential building blocks in the human body. I wasn’t getting enough protein and I wasn’t absorbing any either. I was expending muscle to survive! What a shock. I was very thin and tired all of the time and most of my friends and family couldn’t believe with my healthy diet that I could ever be sick…Absolutely incredible were my best words to describe how I was feeling when Kent asked me at my follow up appointment. I cannot thank the staff and other team members at NutriChem for giving me a life I thought I would never have. I will be forever grateful."

-Laurie, Ottawa

"I have lost 23 lbs. My energy level is through the roof. This totally reversed my fibromyalgia, no pressure points, no pain. I have been to many doctors but never had results like this. Phenomenal! Just Great!"

-Jeanne, USA

"My testosterone levels are higher, I have more energy and I don’t need as much sleep."


"Many thanks for the help you and your awesome staff have given me over the two years I've been an "intense" customer of NutriChem! You are all working for the BEST pharmacy / compounding lab around!"

-Name Withheld

"I wanted to send this email to let you people know how wonderfully that I have been treated at the clinic. Shelagh and Laura have been so great. When I go in, I feel that I am meeting with “family”. It is such a warm, caring environment – and I want you to know how much I appreciate this. This combination is not easy to find in today’s society. It’s just as if you girls love your jobs and patients … and treat me with so much respect. When I first went in you were all so welcoming and even on the phone, you girls are so great. It may sound to some people that I am exaggerating – but I am sincerely grateful for the treatment that I have received. Thank you."


"I am feeling much better, number one is improved sleep and losing weight, and I am very pleased with the experience."


"Vitamin formula is doing wonders, helping dry eyes. Noticeable improvement with eyes and energy. I have an overall feeling of well-being. I have stopped drinking coffee and have noticed a big difference. I have found great improvement from the Mega Mag – I am sleeping better."


"Just a note to thank you for your product [customized formula]. I am 88 years old and I feel terrific, I am able to maintain a large home and best of all, I am still able to drive and maintain my independence. Many thanks."


"I can control my moods instead of my moods controlling me. I am enjoying life so much more than before."


"Since starting bio-identical hormones and the individualized vitamin program I'm beginning to feel like my old self. No more sleepless nights! Surviving menopause is possible, even enjoyable! My skin, hair and mood have significantly improved. Thank you."


"I developed muscle pain and anxiety seemingly overnight. I exercised, ate well, lived a healthy balanced life, but could not get rid of this new all over pain. I was put on an antidepressant but I did not like the side effects. So I went to see Kent and he put me on magnesium among other things, and it completely eliminated the muscle pain! I took myself off my Rx antidepressant … I feel so much better with tons of energy. I feel like "me" again, balanced, and not medicated. What a difference. The money is very well spent, and I would encourage anyone who doesn't feel well to see NutriChem's fabulous team. Thank you all."

-Catherine, Ottawa

"Visiting Kent MacLeod and the group/staff at NutriChem was one of the best decisions I've made in the last 5 years. I feel fantastic: more alert, more energetic and happier. I've lost a few pounds, but most of all I am sustaining my health. I'd recommend a NutriChem visit to anyone. Thanks Kent!"

-Susan, Ottawa

"I'm feeling much better; from not sleeping at all, now sleeping all night, feeling rested, more happy, concentrated, sense of getting myself back. Many thanks!!"

-Nancy, Ottawa

"Thanks to NutriChem I feel a lot better, am healthier and have a happy husband too. All is good!"

Carolyn, Ottawa

"Very positive experience - it was the beginning of a journey that is leading to significant improvements in my health."


"I consulted Kent because I was feeling very weak following chemotherapy and had lost a lot of weight. I wanted to regain my strength and give myself the best possible chance of recovering from cancer. I did the Body Chemistry Balancing Test and discovered my body chemistry was seriously out of whack. Kent designed a regimen of supplements to specifically meet my needs and also counseled me on the importance of proper nutrition. The results were amazing. I regained my strength and energy and I am happy to report that many years later I am cancer free and in excellent health."