Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired!

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired!

by: Elysia Arseneau


[This is Part One of the series called My BCB Journey.]


I have always considered myself to be a healthy person. I grew up with a Greek mother who read health magazines and loved trying new recipes, and a French-Canadian father who knew the health (and financial!) benefits of eating home-cooked meals. I’ve been practising yoga, eating a vegetarian diet, and going to the gym semi-regularly for the last decade. I would say that I have been of average health for most of my life.

But all of that changed in my mid-20s: my body forced me to take ownership of my health!


Work stress: the silent killer?

Like so many in the profession, within 6 months of starting as a full-time elementary teacher I showed multiple signs of constant stress. My symptoms included:



Even though my body was showing all of these signs of stress, I ignored the symptoms and kept pushing myself to continue. I thought that teaching would get easier with time, and that I should be able to deal with the demands of the job. Finally, during a meeting with my Vice-Principal, I hit my breaking point: I sobbed uncontrollably for two hours in my VP’s office. I knew then that I needed help.


Seeking professional help

The following day, I met with a doctor. At the end of my allotted 10-minute emergency appointment (I cried the entire time), he prescribed me an anti-depressant. I was SHOCKED. I accepted that I was having a depressive episode, but there was no way that I would accept a script without having done any tests (including blood samples), or being referred to an expert! I left his office more upset that I had been when I’d arrived.

I sought alternative healthcare as soon as I got home, and am thankful that I did. I had incredibly positive results within a few weeks of seeing a homeopath, and continue to successfully use her services to this day, four years later.


Listening to my body

After teaching for over four years at two different school boards and working on myself all the while, I finally came to the realization that my personality and skillset didn’t match my chosen career. So, I went from being part of the 20% of new teachers who are hired full-time the September after graduating, to one of the 50% of teachers who leave the profession within their first five years. I listened to my body, and left the teaching profession.

I am much happier and healthier in my new career (at NutriChem!), and I have a much better work-life balance. Thankfully, I am no longer under constant stress!


Achieving optimal health 

Achieve Balanced Body ChemistryEven though I’ve come a long way, I know that my body still isn’t working to its full potential. That’s why I’ve decided to get my body chemistry assessed using NutriChem’s Body Chemistry Balancing (BCB) Test. This non-invasive test determines the underlying nutritional and hormonal imbalances that are triggering physical, mental or emotional issues. Then, using the results, a NutriChem clinician designs a multivitamin and mineral formula that is customized to my body’s needs. The clinicians can also recommend other supplements to assist with balancing the body’s chemistry, as well as bioidentical hormones where necessary.

When I started working at NutriChem, I knew I wanted to get the BCB Test to find out the root causes of my physical and emotional issues. I heard my colleagues’ successful testimonies from using their customized multivitamin and mineral formulas, and I couldn’t wait to get started on my own BCB journey!


I figured that other people would be interested in the BCB Test process too, which is why I’m writing this blog series!


Tune in every Monday until the end of March to follow “My BCB Journey” to better health!


Part Two will:

  • outline the symptoms that prompted me to test my body’s chemistry
  • explain more about the BCB Test
  • describe the first step of the BCB process: taking the test



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