Don’t Just Survive… Thrive!

Don’t Just Survive… Thrive!

by: Elysia Arseneau


[This is Part Two of the series called My BCB Journey.]


Last week, I shared how I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired that I decided to take my health in my hands. The moment of clarity came when a medical doctor wrote me a prescription for an anti-depressant after having spoken with me for only 10 minutes. I knew then, firsthand, that the health care system cares less about actual “health” and more about pushing temporary solutions by alleviating symptoms.


What is symptom alleviation?


If you’ve ever taken a Tylenol, Aspirin or Advil to relieve a headache, then you have alleviated symptoms without addressing the root cause of the issue. Think about it: was your headache caused by the lack of Tylenol/Aspirin/Advil in your body? Absolutely not! Put simply, taking those pills doesn’t actually “fix” our headache; it simply alleviates its symptoms.




Most of our over-the-counter “quick fixes” reduce the symptoms we suffer from and allow us to live through our day, but do little to address what caused the symptoms in the first place. As a teacher, I admit to surviving through many cold and flu seasons by dosing with cold & flu medication every 4 hours, like clockwork, to keep the symptoms at bay. But my body only fought off the cold if I was getting more rest and fluids than usual, and if I ate well. Cold & flu pills make us "feel" better, but do not actually heal us. To go back to the headache example, the headache goes away once the reason for the headache is resolved, for example by properly hydrating the body, or fighting the virus, or relieving the neck tension, or removing the stressor, or getting enough sleep, etc.


The takeaway from all of this is: symptom alleviation does not mean that the underlying problem has been solved.


Thriving, not just surviving!


I consider myself to be of pretty average health, with better eating habits than most, but with worse physical fitness than I should have. When I left teaching, many of my physical and emotional symptoms were greatly reduced. For example, I used to get a headache every Friday from high job stress combined with not enough sleep or stress relief (such as regular workouts). Those weekly headaches went away when I committed to getting a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night during the week, with a sleep catch-up on the weekend.


But many of my other physical and emotional symptoms have persisted, even though the main stressor in my life is gone. I clearly have root issues that were not addressed by finding a career more suited to my strengths. Currently, I suffer from:

why I need the BCB Test 

If you compare the above information to the table that I shared last week, it looks as though I have more physical symptoms now than I used to. In reality, I am just more in-tune with my body since starting homeopathy, and I am better able to recognize (and can admit!) what ails me.



The Body Chemistry Balancing Test


Imbalanced Body ChemistryNutriChem’s Body Chemistry Balancing (BCB) Test is phenomenal for an analytical and scientific person like me, because it is entirely driven by science. It takes a snapshot of exactly what is going on in the body. When you break a bone, the first thing that the hospital will do is run a test (an X-Ray) to determine the exact problem in order to then provide the correct treatment (setting the right bone in the right place). The BCB Test does the same thing! It assesses over 60 biochemical markers in a person’s body to identify the root cause(s) of their health problems. The results of the test provide the data necessary for NutriChem’s clinicians to provide targeted, personalized treatment based exactly on a person’s needs, sort of like how an X-Ray determines exactly where and how a doctor needs to re-set a bone.


Here is the BCB Test process:


Step 1: Testing

NutriChem evaluates of over 60 biochemical markers using your blood and urine samples. You also complete a thorough health questionnaire.


Step 2: Clinical Consultation

A comprehensive health assessment is conducted by one of our clinicians in-person, via Skype, or by telephone. They will consider your lifestyle, diet, exercise, toxins and current medications and supplements in addition to the results of your blood test and urinalysis.


Step 3: Customized Treatment Plan

BCB ladyThe clinician will design a custom multivitamin and mineral formula for you based on your needs. They will also make dietary and supplement recommendations, suggest lifestyle changes, and prescribe bio-identical hormones where necessary.


Result: Your Personalized Health Solution

You walk away from NutriChem with a health program tailored to your biochemical needs that will allow you to achieve your full potential!


It really is that simple!



My BCB Journey: The First Step


Two weeks ago, I completed Step 1 of the Body Chemistry Balancing process. I gave a morning urine sample (that I collected from the comfort of home), and then went to NutriChem’s Richmond Road clinic for my morning, fasting blood draw. I also handed in my health questionnaire that covered everything mentioned in the above table (my symptoms), as well as more that I hadn’t even thought of (like listing what I typically eat in a day).


I took weekly allergy shots for all of my childhood and adolescence, so I am no stranger to needles. The staff at the clinic were honestly the kindest, most caring and gentle health practitioners that have ever poked me in the arm! It was truly a painless and quick procedure to have my blood drawn: I was in and out of the clinic in under 15 minutes, which was perfect for me because I had to get to work. After my blood was drawn and my small bandage was secured, I walked out of the clinic with a smile on my face and a juice box in my hand.


This week, I am meeting with NutriChem’s Naturopathic Doctor to go over the results of my test. I can’t wait to see how my symptoms are related to my imbalanced biochemistry!


If you are interested in learning more about the BCB test, you can read about it here. You can also speak to someone at one of our clinics for more information, or to book your BCB test so that you can achieve your fullest, healthiest potential!


Tune in every Monday until the end of March to follow “My BCB Journey” to better health!


In Part Three, I will:

  • explain more about Step 2 of the BCB process: the clinical consultation
  • go through my results, as well as my supplementation, diet and lifestyle recommendations
  • share my feelings about the consultation process



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