7 Ways My Health Improved in 1 Month

7 Ways My Health Improved in 1 Month

by: Elysia Arseneau



[This is Part Seven of the series called My BCB Journey. Click here to see all posts in this series.]



I never knew about the Body Chemistry Balancing Test before I started working at NutriChem, or about its benefits. I hadn’t yet heard about this process where simple blood and urine samples are analyzed for over 60 biochemical markers. I hadn’t yet heard that a customized multivitamin and mineral formula is then designed according to the person’s specific needs, and is compounded right in Ottawa. I hadn’t even heard about how getting what your body is missing will lead to vastly improved health.


And to be perfectly honest, I was sceptical when I first heard about the BCB testing process, and of its incredible results. It just all seemed too good to be true! So this is why I decided to blog about my own BCB Journey: I want to help people like you understand the process, and track along with me as I go through this process.


My update


For the last month, I have been following the lifestyle recommendations, including supplements, which were recommended to me by a naturopathic doctor based on the results of my BCB test. For the last 18 days, I have also been taking my custom multivitamin, as well as eating according to the Elimination Diet that Laura Mierzwa, one of NutriChem’s fantastic Registered Holistic Nutritionists, suggested I try.

Here are my changes so far:


Weight loss: I lost another 2 lbs since last week (woohoo!), which brings me down 10 lbs since I started this journey about one month ago. The weight loss is very noticeable on my face and neck, and I also feel and see the difference in my stomach, thighs, buttocks, and arms (most women’s problem areas!) My pants all fit me better now.

More energy:
I haven’t had any caffeine for the last 18 days. Although I do miss the taste of it, I haven’t found myself needing it for an energy boost in the morning or the afternoon. A healthy and nutritious smoothie every morning is all I need to “wake up”.

Blowing your noseNo congestion:
My family members, including me, have been plagued with constant congestion since as long as I can remember. (My Dad always used to joke that his kids blow their noses so often that he should’ve bought stock in Kleenex!) I used to think “it’s just the way my body was made,” but the fact that my congestion is GONE after removing common allergens and “toxic” foods from my diet leads me to believe that I have food allergies and/or sensitivities. By removing the allergen(s) from my diet, my body has ceased its immune response, and I am less congested. (Dad: I’m also saving money on Kleenex because I blow my nose fewer times per day!)

SugarNo more cravings: Speaking of my family’s habits, eating dessert after dinner is a staple in my family’s household. Whether it was something homemade (cake, pie or cookie related) or something store-bought (cookies, Jos Louis, etc.) we always had something sweet after dinner. That habit created a life-long sugar craving where my body began to expect the influx of sweets after a meal, even after I moved out of my parents’ home. Well, I’m happy to report that my sensation of “needing” sugar is gone. I no longer crave sweets after a meal, and I don’t even crave them during the day like I used to.

Did you know that cravings are actually driven by the brain’s need for a reward as opposed to a need for food? That’s because when glucose (aka sugar) interacts with the opiod system in the brain, an addictive triggering effect occurs. We feel that urge to consume more glucose because the brain has become conditioned to release "happy hormones" every time glucose is present.

Improved complexion: Every time I wash my face, I am surprised at how soft and healthy my skin feels. I don’t usually break out with acne, but this protocol has certainly helped my skin’s overall look and feel. My face is smooth and glows.

Improved sleep:
Eating well and taking my Custom Formula has definitely improved my sleep, and taking Mega Mag at night has also helped immensely! Provided that I climb into bed at a reasonable hour and get at least 7.5 hours of shut-eye, I wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day because my sleep is deep and lovely.

Improved Immune systemStronger immune system: This one is just anecdotal, but I wanted to include it. Many of my coworkers have been sick over the last week with everything from colds and flus to pneumonia, but I haven’t caught a single thing. For someone who had the sniffles every week last year as a teacher, this is a huge breakthrough! I also haven’t felt like I was fighting anything since I’ve started my Custom Formula, so clearly, something is working very well!

As a NutriChem employee, I frequently hear the fantastic, life-changing results that people have had while taking their custom formulas. I feel so much better after a mere 18 days on my custom formula: I can’t wait to see how much better I feel after a few months.


Quality Supplements


One of the things I love about working at NutriChem is that I’m continuously learning. Before coming here, I didn’t realize that there is actually a huge difference between professional level supplements and the drug-store variety. Next week, I will go into more detail about the differences between them, and share my personal experience of having no discernible results while taking a drug-store brand of B12 for years, but feeling results within the first 4 days of taking a high quality B-Complex supplement.


So, tune in every Monday until the end of March to follow “My BCB Journey” to better health, and learn a bunch in the process!



In Part Eight, I will:

  • examine the science behind why I’ve had these improvements with my Custom Multivitamin & Mineral Formula and the Elimination Diet
  • explain why a high quality supplement matters



For more information about NutriChem’s Nutritional Consultations or to set up an appointment, click here.


For more information about NutriChem’s BCB Test or to set up an appointment, click here.



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I’m SO excited for you Elysia! The congestion has always been something we all just accept ‘as normal’ but I do understand now that this isn’t necessarily true. We all have sensitivities and getting to the root of them is the hard part. So glad you’ve started this process so we can all learn from it :-)

Vivian Eno

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