Winning the Battle Against Anxiety

Winning the Battle Against Anxiety



For some people anxiety can be very overwhelming and take over the joy of life. Anxiety can be caused by either biochemical causes such as high cortisol levels (the stress hormone) or by situations such as stressful deadlines at work.  


If you suffer from anxiety it's important to decipher what the root cause is. NutriChem's BCB test is perfect for anyone trying to find out what is causing them to live this way. Test your hormones, test your brain chemicals, test your vitamin status and test your gut bacteria!  All of these are extremely important to get to the bottom of the root cause.


While you wait for your test results, give these a try to help lower your anxiety:


Magnesium glycinate: Magnesium is extremely calming and magnesium glycinate is the most absorbable form. NutriChem's Mega Mag is efficient in lowering stress and anxiety levels.


Phosphogabamine: As one of NuriChem's best-sellers, Phosphogabamine consists of GABA, Suntheanine and Phosphatidylserine which are all associated with reducing cortisol levels, the human stress hormone.


Lemonbalm tea: Lemonbalm tea is known for it's calming effects without causing drowsiness. It can be consumed all day long without any side-effects.


Rescue Remedy: This fantastic product comes in a spray, gum or candy. It does not interact with any medications and is fantastic at helping people deal with panic attacks.


DISCLAIMER: Individual results will vary: everyone is different, and everyone’s protocol and lifestyle recommendations will be individualized to their specific needs. NutriChem and its staff do not offer medical advice online. Please call or email one of our clinics to set up an appointment with a clinician or nutritionist, or call or come into the pharmacy to speak with a pharmacist.




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