Holiday Immune Boosting Tips

Holiday Immune Boosting Tips



Holiday season is approaching quickly! If you haven't already, get back into the swing of things. Eating right, keeping active, and boosting our immune system are imperative in the months leading up to the hectic holiday season. The immune system is responsible for defending us against cold and flus, which especially love to travel around this time of year. Take a few tips from us, and we promise it will be a breeze!


1. Eat good foods

Eating out and eating pre-packed foods regularly is a recipe for disaster. Not only does it cause us to feel sluggish, it weakens our immune system. Meal preparation is key to keep you on track during the work week. Make sure you have all your ingredients ready to go for hassle free dinners. Always make enough to pack for leftovers the next day and don’t forget to load up on foods that are packed with nutrition, such as leafy greens, colorful vegetables and fruits and whole grains. Check out the recipe below for “Uplifiting Broth and Chicken Soup”, that will keep you satisfied and keep those immune system warriors working.


2. Get exercise

Just because the colder weather is creeping up on us, it doesn't mean that our exercise routines have to diminish. Get up 30 minutes earlier and get moving! Studies show that those who work out in the morning have increased energy and are more productive during the day. Circulation is what carries our immune cells throughout the body. When you’re short on time, circuit training is quick, effective and will get your heart pumping.


3. Choose the right supplements

High quality supplements are a important factor in giving our immune systems that extra boost.

Nutridophilus Probiotic: Contains the important strain Lactobacillus Casei, which prevents intestinal infections and increases IGA secretions, both of which play a critical role in immunity.

Vitamin C: To find out your optimal daily intake of Vitamin C, start with 1000mg and increase by 1000mg each day until bowel tolerance.

Zinc: Increases activation of T Cells, which are responsible for combating viruses and bacteria. Start with 15-30mg per day.

Astragalus: This super herb is known for treating colds and upper respiratory infection. It helps to increase white blood cells that strengthen and protect our immune system. Start with 200mg twice daily.    


Click here for our "Uplifting Broth and Chicken Soup" recipe!

 Uplifting Broth and Chicken Soup Recipe



What are your favourite remedies to stay healthy throughout the winter months?

Let us know in the comments below!


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