Toddler Food Fights: Sneaking in Nutrients for Picky Eaters

Toddler Food Fights: Sneaking in Nutrients for Picky Eaters

by: Amanda, NutriChem Mom



Editor's Note: Since NutriChem has been featuring fertility, pregnancy and new parents with the From Bump to Baby blog series, we asked Amanda to weigh in with her perspective on early parenthood. Here is her story!



My life with a toddler is fascinating and exhausting, but it's also the most rewarding journey I’ve ever embarked upon. The first years of my child's life were somewhat of a blur, so I think I'll just start here, at four years old. Other than the usual "is my child safe and happy," I'd say that my most common worry is "is my child getting the nutrients he needs?!"


Food fights: toddlers are such picky eaters!


I don’t know how many times I’ve Googled the following:

  • nutritious meals for toddlers;
  • the picky eater;
  • is your child healthy;
  • meal ideas for the busy mom;
  • ways to hypnotize your child to eat their vegetables.

Okay, the last one is (sort of) a joke, but some days I wish it was the case! My son, like many other kids out there, can get stuck on one idea for dinner for a week or more at a time, and refuse to eat anything else. Right now it's Annie’s Cheese Macaroni mixed with Newman's Own Alfredo Sauce; last week, it was bison and peas. Some days, my son just grazes and doesn't eat much at all. So I can’t help but constantly wonder: is he getting enough nutrients in his diet?


To make sure that my son is getting the nutrition he needs to stay healthy, I supplement his diet with the following products. They're all available in-store at NutriChem, or online if there's a hyperlink.  Note: I have consulted my son's doctor for all of these products. Please check with your healthcare professional before starting any new dietary supplements, to ensure that they are right for you or your child.



NutraSea Omega-3 for Kids

NutraSea Omega-3 for KidsLike vitamins and minerals, omega-3 fatty acids must be supplied by our diet as they are not produced by our bodies. Omega-3s play a role in proper functioning of the cellular membrane, controlling inflammation, immune system response, and neurological functioning.

My son prefers the bubble gum flavour of this brand of omega-3s for kids. I make it part of his “dessert” and he thinks I’m the best mom ever!!


NutriChem’s D-Best Vitamin D3

NutriChem's D-Best Vitamin DStudies suggest that 95% of Canadians lack adequate vitamin D in the fall, but what's even more surprising is that even in the summer, 66-68% of Canadians still do not have sufficient levels of vitamin D! In addition, research suggests that to fully benefit from the health effects of vitamin D, you need to have “optimal” levels, and not just the minimum requirements.

To ensure that my son is getting all that he needs, I give him 3 drops daily. It's easily incorporated into his juice or applesauce: since D-Best is tasteless, it's so easy to sneak in there!


Udo’s Choice Super 5 Plus Probiotic Lozenge by Flora

Udo’s Choice Super 5 Plus Probiotic Lozenge by FloraThis probiotic contains a wide variety of strains that don't seem to upset my son's stomach. I include it with his morning breakfast so he gut stays healthy and prepares for a day at Germville, aka daycare. It's ideal for children and adults alike, and each of these raspberry lozenges provide a minimum of 1 billion viable cells to support natural healthy microflora.


NutriChem’s MegaMag

NutriChem’s MegaMagAgain, a NutriChem product that is free of common allergens. Magnesium is available in different forms, but not all of them are absorbable! NutriChem’s Mega Mag is elemental magnesium glycinate, which is proven to be readily absorbed. 

To give this to my son, I simply open the capsule and put it directly in his food, mostly applesauces or yogurt. This helps him to relax and to sleep better. I once went for a week without giving it to him and noticed a huge difference: he was more restless and cranky at bedtime.


Vital Proteins Pasture-Raised, Grass Fed Beef Gelatin, Collagen Supplement

Vital Proteins Pasture-Raised, Grass Fed Beef GelatinThe amino acids contained in gelatin are therapeutic and are identical to the protein found in skin, nails, hair, bones, cartilage, and joints. This product is helping with my son's skin, hair and joints, and acts a mild detoxifier. I can incorporate it into almost anything as it dissolves easily and is nearly completely odourless and tasteless.



So is my son doing okay? Both I and his doctor, say YES! As a parent, you question everything almost as much as they do at that curious age, from food to play time, to the friends they surround themselves with. It's okay to take a step back and acknowledge yourself for providing your child with the best that you and nature can provide, even when it comes in a capsule or jar from time to time.



Toddler Food Fights: Sneaking in Nutrients for Picky Eaters 


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