7 Nutritionist-Approved Meal Prep Hacks for Back to Routine

7 Nutritionist-Approved Meal Prep Hacks for Back to Routine

 September is always a time of back to reality and routine, but this September is a bit more complicated. Many of us are back to work, back to school and likely adopting a whole new routine of home days, office days and maybe even homeschooling. If you can do one thing for your health, make it getting organized with a little bit of meal prep! Eliminating the feeling of stress when it comes to dinner decisions, take out options and hanger melt downs is a sure way to have a bit of structure to your life.


Here are 7 meal prep hacks to ease your way back into a solid routine.


  • Have a stash of healthy snacks stored for that in-between school/work and dinner time to reduce the chance of unhealthy snacking. Cut up veggies, olives, homemade muffins or freezer energy bites are perfect for bridging the gap.





  • Forget to take meat out of the freezer for today’s dinner? Eggs are a quick protein source that can be used in a pinch. Hard boiled in a salad, poached on some cooked greens and rice or scrambled into stir fry veggies are all simple and nutrient dense options.


  • Double batch your next chilli recipe and freeze half in mason jars. Next time you have a busy week, take it out to defrost the night before in the fridge and warm on the stove at dinner time.





  • Make a snack board for dinner. Fill it with items everyone can grab and add to a plate themselves. Include chopped veggies, grass-fed cheese cubes, pickles, olives, bean dip, dried/fresh - fruit whatever you have in the fridge!


  • Designate someone to dish duty. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed getting back into routine with meal prep, cleaning, and everyone’s new schedules. Having designated tasks will help take the load off everyone for a happier and more organized household.


  • Keep a stash of frozen veggies on hand. Green beans, cauliflower and broccoli are all great veggies you can use as either a side or add them into a dish.


  • Sometimes no matter how much you try to prep and be organized, there are nights where you just need to order in! That’s ok! Have a few options ready to go that you know will fit your health goals and that the whole family will enjoy.



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