Very Cherry Magnesium Gummies

Very Cherry Magnesium Gummies

recipe by: Julia Davie, Registered Holistic Nutritionist



Is it a struggle to get your children to take their supplements? This recipe is for you! In this delicious homemade gummy recipe we combine magnesium citrate and gelatin into a nutritious treat that your children will love. Magnesium is a wonderful supplement for children. It reduces anxiety and restlessness, soothes the nervous system and supports restful sleep. Gelatin is healing for the gut and protects the joints. Make these yummy gummies and your children will be asking you for them!



  • 3 Tbsp Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin
  • 5 Tbsp Natural Calm Cherry Ionic Magnesium Citrate Powder
  • 3/4 cup organic tart cherry juice
  • *You will also need a silicone mold for 30 gummies


  1. Pour cold cherry juice into a large bowl. Slowly mix in magnesium powder using a wire whisk. If the mixture foams up, give it time to settle before moving on to the next step.
  2. Pour the mixture into a small pot. Keep it off the heat for the time being. Sprinkle gelatin powder over the juice and magnesium mixture and allow it to sit for a few minutes until you see it begin to gel into a mass. Whisk the mixture and allow it to sit for another five minutes.
  3. Slowly begin to heat the mixture at a low-medium temperature. Stir gently a few times. Once the mixture is liquified, pour it into a glass container with a spout. Use a spatula to make sure you get every last drop!
  4. Carefully pour the mixture into the silicone mold.
  5. Refrigerate until set. Gently remove from the mold and give one a try!

Yield: Makes 30 gummies that each contain roughly 100mg of magnesium citrate.

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