Decluttering the Mind and Body: When you just can't think straight anymore

Decluttering the Mind and Body: When you just can't think straight anymore

We were debating on opening this blog with the sentence- It’s a new year, time to throw out the trash… But truth be told, decluttering your life should not be reserved for any specific month. When we use the word ‘declutter’ we’re talking about the many avenues of your life that can get congested.

Being human equates to consumption on all levels. Our senses are constantly absorbing and retaining information through sights, sounds, smells and touch. Our brain then store much of this information within the body. This ‘congestion’ within our cells can reflect in our weight, mental health, and energy levels.  

So, how do you unclutter your life? And what parts of your life need the deep cleaning the most? We’ve got some tips to get you started.


Decluttering the Mind and Body: When you just can’t think straight anymore.

Written by Amanda Grant, Guest Blogger

  • Yoga is a great start. Doing release poses such as pigeon, camel, and mountain pose can help with stimulating areas where cells are trapped. Furthermore, deep breathing helps calm the central nervous system, which creates stillness in the body. Bonus!
  • Meditation: keeping the mind still and calm. Taking a ‘mental break’ to just catch and release those millions of thoughts racing through our heads. Are we retaining what we really need anymore?
  • Shut down your phone or computer (after you’ve read this article in its entirety, of course). Seriously though, take a break from social media and the web in general. We don’t realize the severity of the consequences that go along with internet overload. Ego much!
  • Get outside: we cannot stress this enough. Even just sitting in a park and listening to the wind blow through the leaves or sitting near an active stream. These are all natural and healthy ways to calm the mind and body.

On a more tangible level- we encourage the de-clutter of your environment such as your home or office. For some, an environment in chaos can attribute to poor organization, confusion and mood disorders. It’s important to maintain some level of order in your day-to-day environment to feel at peace with your surroundings and confident in your decision making.


Decluttering your Environment

  • Take the time to tidy the common areas of your home. Start perhaps with your bedroom- this where you start and end your day. A clean room can set the tone for your daily routine- if it’s in disarray chances are your day will be too. This goes for your office and desk as well.
  • Reduce the amount of stuff in your life. Whether its under current ownership or a desirable acquisition. Ask yourself: do you need that blouse that’s been in your closet that you never wear? No? Donate it. Rid yourself of stuff that may be weighing you and your psyche down.
  • Let’s take this outside shall we? Your yard, your patio space or even simply- your entryway. Clean, rake, sweep, tidy what you must but a clean landscape to your home can make a world of difference. Set the tone for your home by keeping it clean and tidy.


Decluttering your Social Scene: Friend or Foe? Intuitively you know.

Decluttering your friends or colleagues may sound harsh- but sometimes it’s desperately needed. We all have that one friend who is toxic, who is a taker more than a giver and can literally suck the life force out of you. In some instances, you reason that they should be in your life because of your history. You reason that turning your back on them seems cruel and heartless; but is it really? Leaving those expired friendships behind can be an absolute game-changer to your own progress. Say goodbye to the old and using and say hello to the new and amusing.

  • Just say no- you don’t need to go out or spend time with toxic people. It only leaves you drained and depleted anyway. Instead, find some hobbies that nourish your soul and inspire you.
  • Don’t be afraid to make new friends. There's always room for more, especially if it blossoms into something amazing. Making new friends can introduce you to new endeavours and ways of looking at the world. If you feel a good connection, stay open minded. You never know what can come of it.
  • Be honest with yourself- is this relationship or friendship serving you? If there is anyone you should be the most honest with -it’s yourself. So check-in with yourself and reflect on your current tribe. Who is serving you and who isn’t.


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