FACEBOOK LIVE: Holistic New Year's Resolutions with NutriChem Practitioners

FACEBOOK LIVE: Holistic New Year's Resolutions with NutriChem Practitioners

The following is a transcription of a Facebook Live for your convenience. Please either read the transcription below, or watch the video itself! Enjoy!


Join Registered Holistic Nutritionist Julia Davie and Naturopathic Doctor Sarah Brill-Morgan as they discuss holistic approaches to maintaining your New Year's resolutions.



SBM: Hi, everyone. 


 JD: Hello. 


SBM: So, we're here today to talk to you briefly about what is holistic weight loss. So, we're launching a program to do with weight loss and how to actually lose it for good, but also lose it holistically and sustainably. So, we're here today, I'm Dr. Sarah Morgan. 


JD: I'm Julia Davie, Registered Holistic Nutritionist. 


SBM: And we're working together as a team to bring you the best weight loss solutions so that you can feel your best moving forward into 2020. New decade, right? 


JD: Yeah. Especially, it's that time of the year where you might see your New Year's resolutions start to slip a little bit so this was the perfect time to have this conversation. 


SBM: Exactly. So, we are discussing what's holistic weight loss to us, and what does that actually mean, right. Because it is a lot of times something that people discuss a lot of times in terms of weight loss, and what does that actually mean, right. So, for me, holistic weight loss is actually weight loss that you're looking at the person from all perspectives, right? So, not just at the scale, not just at the weight but looking at the actual person. You’re a person, you're not just a person on the scale, right? So, looking at things like hormones, like your thyroid will impact your weight and cortisol and stress hormones, and looking at-- I know, you've talked about like meal planning. 


JD: Yeah, like I think a lot of the time people get caught up on calories, and they're not so much looking at how they're preparing their food, what their support is like at home, what their motivation is like. So, even something as simple as putting something on your fridge that reminds you of your why. Why you want to get in shape, why you want to be a better version of yourself can be really helpful. 


SBM: Yeah, and also I find that works really well too, in terms of why you're actually choosing something, right. And so I will get patients a lot of times put why and actually be like, okay, why am I grabbing this? Is it because I'm hungry, which is one thing, right? Or is it because I'm stressed or because I had a shitty day or that sort of thing? And then that actually will help as well, in terms of why you're actually doing that, and what is your motivation behind actually grabbing those things; grabbing the wine, grabbing the whatever it may be, right. 


JD: Exactly. Yeah. So, just making sure that you're looking at it from every angle; things like your motivation, your meal prep, even how do you feel when you open your fridge? Is there something there for you to eat? Or are you constantly looking for something to satisfy your cravings? If that's the case, you may benefit from a meal plan or some guidance around meal prep. So, yeah, just kind of looking at it from every angle, and making sure that you're well supported moving forward. Sometimes that takes a team of people just to get you on track so that you are moving forward with confidence and knowing that you've got a plan and you're well supported. 


SBM: Yeah. And that's huge I think more than anything, especially with weight loss is that knowing that you have a team pushing you on and having that motivation and being able to catch you when you do have those slip ups, which we all do, we're all human. So, I mean, that's going to happen. And having that team being able to kind of push you forward can be really, really helpful. 


JD: Exactly. Yeah. 


SBM: Yeah. So, we also talked about a little bit about-- I know I talked before about hormones and how that will impact things, and that's a huge part. I think, also looking at like deficiencies. So, looking at your iron and your B12, for example, because those are actually going to impact your energy quite significantly. And when you're not feeling energized, and you're not feeling like you can kind of take on the day, it's so hard to lose weight. Like you're gonna want to go home and sit on the couch. And that's actually probably what's best for your body if you are kind of struggling with this deficiency. So, making sure that you're kind of addressing those copper deficiencies, [Absolutely] for sure. And then getting proper nutrition in as well. 


JD: Yeah, like even if you have blood sugar imbalance, when you're having a low and you're really hungry and depleted, you have a really hard time reaching for foods that are good for you. You're going to go for those sugary, salty fatty foods that give you this temporary lift. So, making sure that you're eating foods that make you feel satiated, those foods also help with hormone balance. So, to make sure that your energy and your hormones are balanced and your insulin levels are balanced for the course of the day will help you lose weight and be your healthiest you as well. 


SBM: Yeah, exactly. And I think I get a lot of the time people asking, I've lost some weight or I haven't lost everything, but I have this like stubborn, annoying weight and I can't figure it out. And a lot of the time, what I say is that's not you, it's not what you're doing necessarily. We have some people that follow everything and they're doing it to the T in their meal prepping and they're doing everything, they're exercising all the time. And you know, then that's when you need to start asking yourself, okay, it's probably more hormonal, there's probably something else physical going on that's making it really hard for you to be able to kinda make it to your goals and feel good, right, because that's ultimately the goal. 


JD: Exactly. And I think naturopathic medicine and nutrition together, it's the perfect mix.


SBM: It really is, yeah. 


JD: Because you're really getting that sort of biomedical side of things, the testing, having now look at the hormones, and then through diet, meal planning, and really addressing making it adapt to your life, your living situation. How much time do you have in the evening? What's your energy like? Are you so depleted that we need to do things in tiny steps to get you moving in the right direction and then start moving faster? Really teasing it apart and working together to come up with the right plan, I think that's the best approach. Yeah. 


SBM: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, a hundred percent. So, that's, I think about it in terms of that. If you guys have any questions or any comments at all, leave us a note and we'll get back to you and look forward to our program launching. If you need any support in weight loss, give us a call. 


JD: Yeah. Thanks.


SBM: Bye.

JD: Bye.




I saw your video and it was geared towards loosing weight. I don’t have this problem. My issues are IBS-C which started many many years ago. I was able to function though and leave the house to get to work. My gallbladder was removed in 2017 and it’s been a struggle daily ever since. Have lost 25 pounds (didn’t need to) and have tried to follow the Fodmap with no success. All my medical tests showed nothing serious and my GI told me I just have to live with it after the med I was proscribed didn’t work… is there hope? Thank you


Margarita Ginis

Excellent video. Thank you

Glen Hossack

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