How to Meal Prep like a Nutritionist

How to Meal Prep like a Nutritionist

by: Elysia Arseneau, staff writer


In meeting with her nutrition clients, Julia Davie, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, found that many of them had the same question: how do you do your meal prep?! For a nutritionist, it becomes second nature to have good food in the fridge and cupboards, and all of the tools for healthy meal prep at your disposal.


But for the average (aka non-nutritionist) person, meal prep is not always so easy!


With that in mind, Julia kindly put together this 1-page handout for our readers who are looking for a bit of help with their weekly meal prep. 


Click this image to download the handout:

Meal Prep Handout - small


In this freebie, you'll find tips about what tools are best to keep your food fresh, how to plan for meal prep, and even some easy suggestions for snacks and meals!


How do you prep your meals?

Let us know in the comments below!


 How to Meal Prep like a nutritionist



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Happy prepping!






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