Laura on CTV Morning Live! [July 27 2016]

Laura on CTV Morning Live! [July 27 2016]


Laura Mierzwa is one of NutriChem's Registered Holistic Nutritionists. She is also a Culinary Nutrition Expert: nutrition and gut-healthy recipes are truly her passion!


On July 27th, 2016, she was interviewed for CTV Morning Live in a segment about healthy snacks. Watch the clip here.


Laura Mierzwa on CTV Morning Live



Here are quick links to all of the recipes that she shared:

(Click the image to access the recipe)

Uplifting Broth & Chicken Soup - NutriChem Recipe
DIY Probiotic Yogurt - NutriChem Recipe
Ginger and Turmeric Gut Loving Latte - NutriChem Recipe

Laura also talked about...

  • fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi (for their probiotic properties)
  • aloe vera (to help soothe and heal the gut)
  • coconut oil (lauric acid to inhibits growth of "bad" bacteria in the gut)
  • GI Rescue (helps support digestive system health and soothe the gut)


GI Rescue on CTV


Laura does Nutrition Consultations to help you heal your gut. For more information, click here.  


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