Love Thy Skin From Within: Treating Your Skin From The Inside Out

Love Thy Skin From Within: Treating Your Skin From The Inside Out

Love the skin you are in. What do we do for things we love? We nourish them, we pamper them, and we take care of them. Loving the skin you are in doesn’t have to mean accepting what you have and moving on.  It means embracing what makes your skin unique – your skin tone, your scars, your beauty marks, your freckles, and your dimples. Dry skin, dull skin, flaky, red, blotchy skin are not unique skin characteristics. They are signs of deficiencies, dehydration, inflammation, hormone changes, that a major organ system, your skin, is trying to tell you.

We spend so much money on fancy moisturizers and serums for skin yet true radiance of the skin needs to come from within. 

I’m not writing this blog post today to solve your skin issues. I could talk about antioxidants for the skin like Vitamin C and Vitamin A.  I could discuss the crucial role of Estrogen in cell hydration and elasticity. This whole blog post could be about inflammation and diet and how they impact the skin. I could try and convince you why 8 glasses of water a day is essential for skin hydration. But I’m not going to do that. 

I want to talk about why we care about skin health. Why is it that some people buy a simple bar of soap to wash their face and slather on the first moisturizer they found at the drug store while others have the most intricate, multi-phase, skin regime? 

I think the reason behind these complex skin rituals is the common belief that what you do to your skin can impact the appearance of your skin.  If you use expensive serums, night creams, and masks you will hydrate your skin and therefore have less fine lines. If you exfoliate you will remove layers of dead skin cells and leave your skin looking more radiant. 

I too share that belief. But I also believe that what you put inside your body impacts the appearance of your skin.  If you truly want to have fabulous, glowing, radiant skin then you absolutely must support the factors of skin health from within.

Need more convincing? What do we do for severe acne?  When someone really wants to get more aggressive with treatment they go for an internal treatment. Accutaine – a high dose Vitamin A derivative, Oral Contraception – a hormone modifier, Tetracycline – an antibiotic. None of these are applied to the skin yet have the ability to modify different aspects of skin health. 

Why aren’t we talking about nutrients for skin health? To me if you are dedicated to a skin care routine it should be absolutely essential that antioxidants, collagen, and hydration be part of your regime.   

For those who want the next step of skin health we can introduce these nutrients via IV Therapy.  This way we can get much higher doses of collagen-producing nutrients and antioxidants without having to depend on absorption through the gut. We design customized IV formulations for specific, patient-based, skin concerns. 

To learn more, read our blog post all about IV Therapy and how it can boost your health to the next level today. 


Written by Emma Pollon-MacLeod, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Emma, ND is a passionate advocate for natural holistic healthcare, and makes it her mission to determine the root cause of illness. Emma provides realistic treatment plans to her patients, and her treatments plans are always supported by current medical research.  

Dr. Emma holds a naturopathic practice with a focus on hormonal health including weight management, genitourinary health, and allergy conditions. Dr. Emma strives to increase awareness on the benefits of preventative and personalized medicine.

From appearances on CTV morning live to lecturing at the University of Ottawa Dr. Emma strives to increase awareness on the benefits of preventative and personalized medicine.

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