Making 2020 Weight Loss Resolutions? Be sure to read this to help set you up for success.

Making 2020 Weight Loss Resolutions? Be sure to read this to help set you up for success.

It’s the time of year when New Year's resolutions start to slip… Especially those related to weight loss. Maybe you have stopped getting up early to workout or allowed sugar to slowly creep back into your diet. Or maybe you have been doing all the right things and still haven’t noticed any difference in the way your clothes fit. Frustrations can add up and make you feel like giving up. I am here to tell you there is a different way to approach getting in shape … NutriChem’s Holistic Weight Loss Program!

What is holistic weight loss? 

It’s a method of sustainable weight loss that takes all bodily systems into account. This includes, but is not limited to: hormonal levels, blood sugar balance, and systemic inflammation. Holistic weight loss doesn’t focus exclusively on calories. It also takes into account exercise, cravings, motivation, and anything else that may be standing in the way of achieving your optimal weight and wellbeing! 

Many of our patients exercise and eat a low calorie diet but have weight loss resistance. This is because weight loss is about SO much more than calories in and calories out. For instance, research shows that high inflammation levels contribute to weight gain and weight loss resistance. Inflammation leads to an increase in insulin levels which, in turn, contributes to increased fat accumulation. Additionally, inflammation can negatively impact leptin, the hormone that tells the brain when to eat and when to stop eating. As you can imagine, this imbalance is also another possible contributor to weight gain. 

Understanding and resolving dietary pitfalls is another way that holistic weight loss improves outcomes. 

For example, in order to put themselves in a calorie deficit, many people starve themselves of fat and protein all day, only to binge on unhealthy foods in the evening. This sabotages weight loss efforts and can make you feel like giving up. Instead, a moderate amount of protein and fat eaten throughout the day increases satiation, improves energy levels (so you will ACTUALLY feel like being active), and prevent you from giving in to unhealthy cravings. 

If you have tried to get in shape before, and struggled with staying compliant or making any real change, NutriChem’s Holistic Weight Loss program is for you. Dr. Sarah Brill-Morgan and Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Julia Davie, combine their expertise to create lasting weight loss. This unique program combines biomedical testing, detailed patient intake, supplement, diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations, meal planning, and follow up support. 

Testing behind our program explained

Thyroid: TSH, T3, T4 

  • The thyroid is responsible for metabolism and weight balance in the body, as well as energy, digestion etc 
  • Testing not only your TSH, but your actual thyroid hormones can help to pinpoint issues with thyroid function and suboptimal function as well 

Blood sugar: FBS, HbA1c, (insulin) 

  • Blood sugar is very important for weight loss because this determines how your body uses the food, or “fuel” you give it. If your blood sugar is chronically elevated, your body is going to store your “fuel” as fat, because it doesn’t need it at that time. Over time, we see weight gain as your body stores more and more fat. 

Hormones: Progesterone, estradiol or Testosterone, Estradiol for males 

  • Women: Progesterone, estradiol:
    • Estrogen dominance ie. too much estrogen compared to progesterone can contribute to PMS, painful periods, irritability and you guessed it, weight gain. This is one of the most common things I see in practice. Women have more estrogen than men, and is the main reason why weight loss is harder to women compared to men 
  • Men: Testosterone, estradiol:
    • Estrogen levels can still be elevated in men as well, and can make it extremely difficult to lose weight. High estrogen levels in men can lead to “moobs” or “man boobs”. Low testosterone can make it extremely hard for males to lose weight as it impacts body composition, energy levels and motivation. 

Stress: Am cortisol 

  • Cortisol is our main stress hormone and we all know everyone is stressed these days. Cortisol will contribute to increased weight gain, especially to increase abdominal obesity, which is the most dangerous to our health. Managing cortisol levels can significantly impact weight and overall wellbeing as a nice side effect. 
  • Cortisol is also linked to food addiction and sugar cravings which can lead to weight issues 

Inflammation: hs-CRP

  • High sensitivity C-Reactive protein: a good overall indicator of inflammation in the body. With high amounts of inflammation, weight can be very hard to come off. I find in practice inflamed bodies hold onto weight, as if they are in starvation mode. Once inflammation goes down, weight can fall off much, much easier. 

Deficiencies: B12, Ferritin

  • B12: low B12 leads to low energy levels, and anemia which can really damper your attempts to exercise 
  • Ferritin: Iron storage (levels);  low iron leads to low energy levels, and anemia which can really damper your attempts to exercise 


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