My Whole30 Journey: The Results Are In!

My Whole30 Journey: The Results Are In!

written by: Kate, NutriChem staff


This is Part 2 of a two-part series. To read Part 1 (and to see delicious meal pictures), click here.


I finished the Whole30 last week, and have now had time to reflect on the final outcomes of doing the Whole30. Let's review by going over the goals I'd set for myself at the beginning of this journey.



Goal 1 Update – “Reduce eczema and skin inflammation”


The eczema on my chest, face, elbows, and legs is almost completely gone! However, the eczema on my hand remained completely (and sadly) unchanged. After having a mini-consult with Kent MacLeod, I found out that this information is actually very valuable. Because everything else cleared up but my hand eczema remained the same, the thinking is that I might be dealing with something other than eczema, perhaps fungal. I am moving forward with an anti-fungal treatment and going from there.


Even with this little snag, with the rest of my eczema gone and not itching like crazy, I’m very happy!



Goal 2 Update – “Lose the last of the stubborn baby weight”


This was actually the easiest goal to achieve. I have easily lost 15 pounds, all my pre-pregnancy clothes fit, and then some. I have more energy, confidence and motivation to continue to lose weight and stay active.


Goal 3 Update – “Reset healthy eating habits”


A Whole30 meal 9 - NutriChem blogI am a week finished the Whole30 and have yet to touch either dairy or gluten. I admit that I’ve had a few pieces of dark chocolate and some dairy-free ice cream (seriously you need to try local Oat & Mill!), but other than that I’ve kept up with the diet’s guidelines. I’ve been very disciplined in continuing meal preparation and making a healthy lunch every day. I’m also continuing to have a healthy breakfast every day too. As a busy, working parent, I don’t get to work out as much, and this is where healthy eating and good eating habits really go a long way!


Goal 4 – “Start preparing my body for a second pregnancy”


With losing the rest of my first pregnancy weight and having more energy and feeling great, I’m confident that I’m setting up my second pregnancy for success. I’ve noticed an increase in libido that had been all over the map with post-pregnancy hormones, so it was nice that the Whole30 seemed to have a positive effect on that. Will definitely update you if I have a post-Whole30 baby!


Goal 5 – “Help with gastro-intestinal issues”


I only had a few days where I had to deal with minor GI issues and that was when I slipped up and had sushi (how I forgot that rice is a grain I’ll never know!). I have a feeling that this goal still has a long way to go, but I feel like I’m on the right path with continuing my clean eating.


Goal 6 – “Overall, to feel better inside and out”


This goal was EASILY achieved. The skin clearing up and the weight loss have had a positive impact on how great I feel. I’m really glad that I did the Whole30 before the summer as I feel like I am going to continue these habits and feel good the rest of the summer.



Final Thoughts


A Whole30 meal 10 - NutriChem blogOverall, I’m very pleased with the Whole30! The first 10 days were where I struggled the most, and doubted that I could continue. But as time went on, I stopped even counting the days, and before I knew it the 30 days were up! I didn’t even realize that I’d finished the Whole30 until an alert in my calendar rang in the middle of the workday.
In addition, I really liked the ease of following along with the Whole30 cookbook and felt there many easy recipes to get on Pinterest and other online forums.
So if you are looking for a way to help you feel better through diet, why not give the Whole30 a try!




Are you on your own Whole30 journey? In the comments below, let us know how you feel whether you're thinking about it, in the thick of it, or post-Whole30!


Any tips or tricks that you liked?


Any goals that you achieved?


We'd love to know!





My husband says he has more energy when he eats this way. PS I have eaten this way for the past 2 years :)


I have been following basically whole 30 guidelines from happy body formula, also using recipes from whole 30. I felt the same first week had to get use to it but now it is much easier( been gluten and dairy free for 8yrs), it has been about 5 weeks and for special occasions I might have a gluten free, dairy free goodie or piece of dark chocolate. I feel good, feel much fuller than I have ever felt, and have lost at least 15 lbs… I try not to weigh myself very often. I certainly have more energy.
The one thing I do differently from whole 30 is it is very strict to 100% compliant, I strive for 95% compliant and not to sweet any choices of food I make off the plan.
Still playing with what foods irritate my stomach, as soom of the whole 30 ones do at time, but generally my stomach issues are much better, not completely gone. But much better


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