Put Sleep Issues Behind You

Put Sleep Issues Behind You

Toss. Turn. Can’t get comfortable. Feeling hot. Too hot. Can’t sleep. What’s wrong with me!? Come on, just fall asleep. Please fall asleep. Toss. Turn.

Problems sleeping is one of the top 3 issues that clients ask for help with both in store and in the clinic. My heart really goes out to those people since I struggled with my own sleep issues for about 5 years.

I felt like I tried everything. Literally everything. Everything over the counter, prescription drugs, bedtime yoga, Chinese herbs, soaking my feet in Epsom salt, I gave up caffeine including chocolate. Yes. I. Gave. Up. Chocolate.

Fast forward a few years: I learned that the things that make the largest impact are actually lifestyle. The way you think about sleep, the way you manage stress during the day, the timing of sleep, eating habits and nutrition, and most importantly how to build your body’s biological need for sleep each night. Melatonin is the master hormone that regulates the cascade of other hormones throughout the entire day. Guess what!? Our habits affect our hormones!

I developed a holistic program to help people get rid of their sleeping problems. Sleeping issues are on the rise in our modern world and insomniacs have few options for good help. Sleep clinics are geared towards diagnosing and treating sleep apnea. Sleeping drugs have side effects and don’t always work. Drugs can help in desperate situations but they are a bandaid, not the solution to fixing insomnia.

I put together a Holistic Sleep Consultations as a labour of love because I know how horrible it is to lay awake wondering why you can’t sleep and stressing about how awful you will feel the next day.  

You can sleep. You don’t need to stress about this for the rest of your life. You can do it!

Sweet dreams,

Lauren Duffell, RHN

Holistic Sleep Consultations are made for people who:

  • have suffered through long term sleep issues
  • have other areas of their lives impacted by poor sleep
  • want to learn to overcome insomnia naturally
  • need help with reducing stress about sleep

Holistic Sleep Programs include:

  • One 1 hour initial consultation + one 30 minute follow up (additional follow ups are booked as needed)
  • learning about sleep
  • reducing stress around sleep and in general
  • learning to train your body to sleep naturally again
  • guidance with sleep scheduling and tracking
  • learning how food choices affect sleep
  • individual, one-on-one guidance


I am interested!! I have been suffering from sleep issues for many years! I am a mother of a 6 year old boy and 3.5 year old twins girls. I also work four days a week. I am exhausted. I have tried everything. All natural remedies. I need to reduce my stress levels. Please give me more information on this program.
Thank you!!


Hi Lauren,
I was just wondering how much do you charge for the consultation + one 30 minutes follow-up?
Thank you,

DIANE jaja

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