NutriChem's Predicted Health Trends for 2019

NutriChem's Predicted Health Trends for 2019

We’re always keeping up to date with the latest health trends, from diets to new clinical services like IV Therapy, we’re here keep you in the know. Before we get behind anything new and upcoming in the world of wellness, we of course always do our research to make sure these trends are not just pretty packaging. At NutriChem we are science based, so you can be sure our top trends are the real deal. With your health and wellness mind, NutriChem brings you the top 8 trends to look for this 2019.


Letting Go of Diet Labels

Maybe you’ve already done some exploring with the paleo diet, low FODMAP diet or the anti-inflammatory diet in 2018. With no discredit to these healing diets, it’s time for people to start broadening their horizons when it comes to what’s on their plates! All of these diets are crucial for digging deep and really cleaning up the gut. The issue is when they start to get too restrictive and you don’t go through the reintroduction phase. We’re meant to have a wide variety of different foods in our diets and we should not have many intolerances. 2019 is going to be the year of variety and letting go of trying to fit in with those specific dietary labels. Working with the right nutritionist will ensure you are on the path to a healthy gut and body.


Medical cannabis conversations have been rapidly becoming a part of the new norm here at NutriChem. And lucky for us, Adam Livingston, PharmD. is well versed on the topic! Cannabis, and in particular cannabidiol (CBD), has huge medical potential in new treatment options for the various forms of chronic pain we are commonly seeing such a fibromyalgia and neuropathic pain. Some things to take into consideration with cannabidiol moving into 2019, is that you want to make sure you are taking the correct dose. At NutriChem we look not only at the medical condition being treated, but the individual person too. Adam works with patients to help them access the Canadian Medical Cannabis System and provides ongoing counselling on cannabis use as a tool for deprescribing off of conventional prescription medications.

IV Nutrient Therapy

IV therapy started making waves in 2018, but you haven’t seen anything yet. From compromised immune function to poor digestion, there’s a drip for that! Getting high dose nutrients straight into the bloodstream and bypassing the digestive system means that you absorb every last bit of all that goodness. Want a boost for your hair skin and nails too? We’ve got you covered! Our custom IV formulations are created for a range of individuals; from athletic recovery and optimization to chronic illness such as adrenal fatiguelyme disease and even Parkinson’s.  IV bags can include magnesium and amino acids to support muscle recovery, selenium to improve thyroid function and increase metabolism, vitamin C for immune support, and glutathione which is an antioxidant that can prolong the benefits of Levodopa (Parkinson’s medication). Come find out what all the talk is about at our Richmond Rd. location!

Genetic Testing and Drug Management

Every individual has a unique genetic makeup. So it only makes sense that every person will absorb, metabolize, and activate drugs differently. Genetic testing can predict how individuals will react to certain medications by the presence or absence of certain genetic variants. This area of genomics applied to biochemistry is advancing the field of individualized medicine and will be an area we are betting will explode in 2019.  

Each person can react differently to the same drugs which is why genetic testing is becoming so important when it comes to the use of prescription medications.

More Pre and Probiotics

Talk of the microbiome has blown up over the past year, but here at NutriChem we’re getting more and more specific as we dive deeper into the gut. Certain probiotic strains for specific aliments will start popping up more on labels as new research emerges. We’ve already mastered pre-biotics with our top selling Factor 4 Fibre in 2018. Be sure to keep your eye out for our new probiotic formulated by our clinician team to take your gut health to the next level in 2019!

Collagen and Gelatin

If you haven’t already heard of the healing properties of collagen and gelatin in 2018, it’s time to start paying attention! We get questions about both on a daily basis. The amino acids in these powders are beneficial for joint health, hair, skin and nail health, and supporting the gut. The main differentiating factor is that gelatin actually forms a gel when mixed with liquids where collagen does not since it has smaller chains of amino acids. Collagen is great for adding to soups, smoothies, coffee and tea while we prefer to use gelatin to make healthy gummies & marshmallows. Keep your eye out for more collagen and gelatin coming your way in 2019!

Monk Fruit Sweetener

Long gone are the days of overly sweet, bitter tasting stevia. Monk fruit is zero calorie and does not impact blood sugar levels, similarly to stevia. You also may see monk fruit by the name of luo han guo. It’s part of the gourd family and grows on a vine. Only need a tiny little bit is needed as it’s more than 300 times sweeter than sugar! Monk fruit contains an antioxidant called mogrosides, which also gives it the sweet taste. So far we’ve had great success in using monk fruit sweetener in our new Mega Mag powder and powdered vitamin formulas. What products would you like to see sweetened with the monk fruit alternative in 2019?

Histamine Awareness

It seems every day we encounter more and more people coming in and reporting strange and severe reactions to foods, scents, environmental allergens, and even supplements and medications. Awareness on dietary histamine has been gaining attention in the last couple months and we think its only going to get stronger. People are looking for low histamine probiotics (which of course we carry) and supplements to help quench their bodies histamine load. Our new “DAO” supplement (basically a digestive enzyme for dietary histamines) has been flying off the shelf and we only think its going to get more popular as people become more aware.

Fertility Compounding

Many patients undergoing complex fertility procedures, such as IVF (in vitro fertilization), require complex, individualized compounds that are not commercially available. In the past year, NutriChem has greatly increased our fertility compounded prescriptions as demand increase. At NutriChem, we have been helping women with their hormone for years, as well as professional compounders, so customized fertility compounds were a natural fit for us. We are proud to say that the NutriChem family is now helping many patients start families of their own!

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