Men’s Health

Men’s Health

The medical community seems to focus mainly on women’s health but many men are suffering from a diversity of symptoms including low libido, depression and a lack of energy.

 The sex hormone testosterone is responsible for many processes in the body. Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome (TDS), also called andropause, hypogonadism or late-onset hypogonadism, occurs when there is a deficiency of testosterone.

 It is a misconception that low testosterone is a condition of “old” men and in fact, many young men are facing the debilitating symptoms of lowered testosterone and are living in silent.

How can NutriChem help?

NutriChem’s BCB is a great solution for men. A full hormone panel is included in the test, which means any testosterone abnormality will automatically be detected. After taking the BCB test, one of NutriChem’s clinicians will go over your test results and formulate a customized personal multivitamin. The clinician will also do nutritional counseling, lifestyle counseling and communicate with your family physician in order to correct any testosterone imbalances if they present themselves.


DISCLAIMER: Individual results will vary: everyone is different, and everyone’s protocol and lifestyle recommendations will be individualized to their specific needs. NutriChem and its staff do not offer medical advice online. Please call or email one of our clinics to set up an appointment with a clinician or nutritionist, or call or come into the pharmacy to speak with a pharmacist.