Fertility and Pregnancy

Fertility and Pregnancy

Have an optimal pregnancy

NutriChem wants to help you and your partner have an optimal pregnancy. This includes ensuring optimal fertility, especially if you’re having trouble conceiving. The best way to find out exactly what your body is missing is by getting your biochemistry tested with NutriChem’s Body Chemistry Balancing (BCB) Test.

Pregnancy and fertility related results included in the BCB Test:

  • A complete hormone panel and blood work done on peak days of menstrual cycle to ensure accuracy and to get the best indication of any fertility issues;
  • Evaluation of over 60 biochemical markers through blood work, including hemoglobin, ferritin (iron), vitamin B12, vitamin D, organic acids and antioxidants;
  • A one-hour consultation with a NutriChem Clinician to tailor a personalized health solution with supplementation, lifestyle and dietary recommendations;
  • A Custom Prenatal Vitamin Formula based on the results of your BCB Test that can be compounded through NutriChem’s Compounding Pharmacy.

Men can get tested too!

Fertility is not just related to the woman: NutriChem also has a male hormone panel. For more information, read about how NutriChem can help with Men's Health.

 You are unique, each pregnancy is unique, and your prenatal vitamin should be unique too. NutriChem’s signature Custom Prenatal Vitamin Formulas are designed specifically for each client’s need.

Click here to read more about a NutriChem Mom’s experience with NutriChem’s Custom Prenatal Vitamin Formula.

DISCLAIMER: Individual results will vary: everyone is different, and everyone’s protocol and lifestyle recommendations will be individualized to their specific needs. NutriChem and its staff do not offer medical advice online. Please call or email one of our clinics to set up an appointment with a clinician or nutritionist, or call or come into the pharmacy to speak with a pharmacist.