Pain Management

Pain Management

It is estimated that up to 29% of Canadians experience chronic pain. With a broad range of pharmaceutical drugs available,

why are so many people suffering?

How can NutriChem help?

Imbalanced body chemistry can lead to an increase in inflammation in the body. When treating chronic pain, the NutriChem clinician will aim to reduce inflammation in the body. An individual’s body chemistry will initially be evaluated using the BCB Test. From there, the clinician will recommend dietary and lifestyle changes as well as design an individually based custom multi-vitamin and mineral supplement target to reduce inflammation in the body. Our pharmacists can also conduct a MedsCheck provided by OHIP for any individuals taking 3 or more prescription medications. During this 20 minute consult, the pharmacist will ensure that you are using your medications appropriately and offer suggestions as to how to maximize your pain relief. NutriChem clinician Kent MacLeod can also provide recommendations to an individual’s family physician for customized transdermal pain medication which has been demonstrated as being more advantageous and having fewer side effects than oral medications.

NutriChem Products for Pain Management

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