Does your Microbiome rule your Mind? [webinar]

Does your Microbiome rule your Mind? [webinar]


At this FREE webinar, you will learn:

  • important links between digestive health, the foods you eat, and your moods and mental health

  • how certain foods cause anxiety and depression

  • which bacteria are anti-anxiety

  • what common drugs could be causing more harm than good

  • how to get your energy back with proper diet and nutrition

  • why cravings are sabotaging your weight loss plan and how to stop them


About the speaker

Kent MacLeod, Clinical Pharmacist, is NutriChem's owner and founder. Using his roots in biochemistry and pharmacy, he has been helping his clients with their health issues for over 35 years. He specializes in offering personalized health solutions based exactly on what a person's body needs.


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