Salted Caramel Blend
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Salted Caramel Blend Salted Caramel Blend Salted Caramel Blend Salted Caramel Blend


Salted Caramel Blend

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There’s a new blend in town. She’s salty, she’s rich, she’s a classic with a twist. Perfectly pairing each salty sip with mesquite and dates, Mother Nature’s natural sweeteners, this blend is everything your sweet and sultry dreams are made of. With superfoods maca and schisandra, take a sip and enjoy all of life’s pleasures ;) 

And for the one’s that can’t ditch coffee just yet, this one has your name all over it. Mix with a shot of espresso for an extra pep in your step. (30 lattes)

All our ingredients are micro-ground for better absorption of health benefits and more versatility. Go beyond a (hot or iced) latte to superfood-boosted smoothies, oatmeal, and energy balls.

Each creamy sip is the perfect balance of salty and sweet, followed up with the classic subtle burnt finish we know and love of caramel. *Chef’s kiss.

PS. A little sediment is normal with all-natural ingredients :)

Vegan & Organic

Mesquite powder*, Date powder*, Dandelion root powder*, Oat milk powder*, Natural flavour*, Maca powder*, Pink Himalayan salt, Carob powder*, Schisandra berry powder*.

Step one:
Stir together 1 tsp of the blend and a splash of hot water. Sweeten to taste as desired (we like maple syrup)

Step two:
Add a shot of espresso for an extra boost, if that's your style.

Step three:
For a hot bevvy, add a cup of warm mylk of choice and froth. For iced, pour over ice and top with cold mylk of choice.

Organic. Syrup-free. Refined sugar-free. Caffeine Optional. Vegan. Gluten-free. Keto-friendly. Less than $1 per latte.