The Monkey Mind Meditation Deck: 30 Fun Ways for Kids to Chill Out, Tune In, and Open Up
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The Monkey Mind Meditation Deck: 30 Fun Ways for Kids to Chill Out, Tune In, and Open Up

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Help children get to know their Monkey Minds to become more present, confident, and capable of handling difficult emotions. This vibrant deck explores the powerful qualities of animals and nature, inspiring children to discover the same strengths in themselves. The 30 simple practices encourage authentic exploration, enriching kids with the transformative power of mindfulness in a playful way.

"Each beautifully illustrated card features an animal or a natural element with 3 thought-provoking exercises that will empower your child to be more present and mindful." —Red Tricycle

"We find weather (rainbow, gentle breeze, hurricane), natural features (tree, mountain, rushing river), and anthropomorphized animals (cranky crab, burrowing bunny, loyal dog) on one side, and simple, playful meditation practices on the other side. The result is a stunning variety of short, insightful practices that can be a source of invention and play, a safe way to reflect on difficult topics, and a form of nourishment and support for children navigating an increasingly complex world." —Mindful

"These cards will help your child cultivate a safe inner space to handle life’s ups and downs, release tension and anxiety, and maintain the emotional freedom needed to explore their unique gifts in our increasingly complex world." —Light of Consciousness

"The instructions are very clearly expressed, and (best of all) the teachings embodied here avoid the extreme earnestness that can ruin meditation for people of all ages." —Mindful